Copyright Notice and Terms of Use

The purpose of this web site is to share my photography and writing with anyone interested, and to provide a means of selling archival-quality photographic prints of my images and licensing imagery for commercial use. The following Copyright Notice is stated primarily to be explicit about the ownership of the content on this site:

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all images and text appearing on are © Scott L. Robertson / www.slrobertson, All Rights Reserved, and are the exclusive intellectual property of Scott L. Robertson. No images are within the Public Domain, and no image use besides those authorized in this document are permitted.

My policy on personal, non-commercial use of the images on this web site is quite liberal. You may use any image on this site for personal, non-commercial purposes provided that:

  1. The text "Photo © Scott L. Robertson/" appears legibly next to the image - underneath, above or vertically along side it
  2. The copyright text and the image itself must both link to my URL:
  3. You get my approval for any public use of my images (i.e. your personal web site, a school report), since there are some contexts in which I might not want them used.

If you have questions about commercial or editorial use of my images, if you wish to inquire about licensing any images for commercial or editorial use, or if you have any other questions about the Terms of Use statements above, just email me with your questions or usage request.